what the !@$# do i wear wednesdays: water sportin’


this what the !@$# Wednesday this week is for your sporty girls hitting the waves, lake, beach this summer but still want to look stylish.

you can wear a two piece just be sure the bottoms that have some coverage in the important areas, but you don’t have to wear a full on wetsuit.

one-pieces aren’t out either, they are very much in vogue right now and will definitely provide you with the coverage you need to be breaking a sweat out on the water.

brands like Billabong and Roxy (who just did an awesome collaboration with DVF) have complimentary and stylish accessories for the water sport including some shorts, and a wet suit hoodie.  neoprene is all over the fashion world right now you shouldn’t be hard up to find some cute and water sport inspired accessories such as this Kate Spade Neoprene Pouch to hide your goodies in.