what up weekend: nye 2014

what up weekend: nye 2014

hey kids, before we all take off to hibernation to stuff our faces with santa’s cookies and eggnog, wanted to leave you with some “non-hotel party” NYE plans. this will be an amazing show. mellow tunes from the mood rings … Continue reading

what the !@$# do i wear wednesdays: 2014!

what the !@$# do i wear wednesdays: 2014!

well now that the holiday parties are behind us, next fashion dilemma immediately on our minds, is what the !@$# do i wear for new years!? now because its NYE, doesn’t mean you have to don the usual cocktail dress. … Continue reading

what the !@#$ do i wear wednesdays: nye mix

Alright I’m not HUGE on NYE (I think is a BIT overrated and often can be a let down) but we do know I am HUGE on looking your best.

A lot of my lady friends have inquired with me on what to wear to ring in 2013. Considering they’re not 21 year olds going to an insane hotel party or riding in limos they wanted something a little more refined but still says “hey I’m here to party”.

Personally, I’m feeling a subtle sequin look this year.

So lucky for you party animals I took this theme and styled it based on multiple occasions.datenightNYE

For you ladies lucky enough to have yourself a good man gather some inspiration from these sexy yet date appropriate fits.


For all of you single ladies taking on the town AND the single men looking for that special NYE kiss try something fun with a style that your fellow lady friends will appreciate.


For those of you who think NYE is a little over hyped, and are doing something low key like a concert (me!) throw on something comfy with an edge and cozy up to a musician at midnight.


Here is some outerwear inspiration that will complete any one of these looks!

Cheers to 2013!