festival fashion round up: lollapalooza ’13

festival fashion round up: lollapalooza ’13

not only was the music incredible at lolla this year, (i was glued to the live feed all weekend) the fashion coming out of chicago was killing it! check out some of my favorite looks from the weekend! all images … Continue reading

festival fashion round up: pitchfork

festival fashion round up: pitchfork

this past weekend was the amazing pitchfork festival in chicago. dig into the awesome style after the jump! all of these awesome photos courtsey of free people’s amazing blog bldng 25 covered the fashion head to toe. there are plenty … Continue reading

crushin’ on: festival bags


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continuing on with our hangout festival theme, this week i’m crushin’ on festival style bags! last year i took a fanny pack and it was great. this year there are so many different style bags perfect for festivals. while you do not want to lug around a huge, nice, designer purse it will get dirty, it will get stepped on, but it doesn’t mean it has to be a trash bag either! bring something practical and suited for the beach.

 fanny packs, cross bodies, or even a small back pack are all great. with a bigger bag you can hang a towel or your water bottle on it. cloth is great because the sand won’t be as much of a pain but whatever material you choose, remember there is a high possibility it will get wet. fun prints, fringe, and vintage inspired are great to look out for.

don’t break the bank, there are plenty of decently priced options suitable for a beach or any festival you attend this year!

what the !@$# do i wear wednesdays: hangout festival


alright most important for this week, what the !@$# do you wear to hangout festival? it really depends on if you’re staying near the festival or not. you can walk back your condo take a break, hydrate, and throw something on for mid-day and do the same for night time.

i suggest bringing mix and match suits, pieces you can layer, breathable pieces, and tons of fun accessories.

here is my take on some day to night options for you.

hangout1(click photo for shopping details)

hangoutday2(click photo for shopping details)

hangoutday3(click photo for shopping details)

remember comfort, layers, and breathable pieces of clothing are key!

if you are going to hangout festival, please tweet/instagram me your photos!



what the !@$# do i wear wednesdays: shaky knees fest!

continuing on with my excitement for this weekend’s shaky knees festival, it is only right that today’s what the !@$# do i wear wednesday be all about the fashion you will see this weekend!

now the weather is supposed to be iffy, rain no rain? muggy? it is also going to be outside in a park so plan on getting a bit dirty and bring something to sit on or shield you from some sprinkles.


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bandeaus are a key piece for summer time and great for layering under tanks or pairing with some high waisted shorts. bring a light military jacket to dual as a cover for your head should it sprinkle some. sneakers will keep you comfy and from hurting your toes in case you get stepped on.

overalls are making a HUGE comeback, i am seeing them everywhere. love these in an acid wash print. throw on a bandeau underneath and keep a light long-sleeve top for when the sun goes down. these leather booties will be comfy and keep your feet dry.

accessories such as a hat, over-sized glasses, and a fanny pack are all necessities. bring a blanket to spread out with your friends.

what do you think you guys are going to wear?!

send pics to dropping the needle via twitter @droppindaneedle

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trends on thursday: coachella shoes


just like everything else we’ve talked about this week, again it is all about options for coachella. you’re best three options are going to be a moto boot, a moccasin, and a gladitor.i think all three shoe styles are a must! all of these shoe options will look great with everything else we’ve “packed” for the weekend!

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what the #@!$ do i wear wednesdays: SXSW

wish we were all enjoying the gloriousness of the over 5,000 events taking place down in Austin this week at SXSW. but for now this will have to do. i love that festival season is upon us. besides the music, booze, and good company, festivals are like a runway with the eclectic style that the attendees rock.


lets talk austin street style. there is definitely a bohemian vibe but it is a bit more rustic. long maxis, lace, florals, denim, and boots (it is Texas). honestly the dirtier the boots the better i think. vintage will be heavily present and a super unique pair of shades capped with a menswear inspired hat.


palazzo pants are a must in this floral print. chambray and denim vests with these fringe boots are true to texan style. festival gear wouldn’t be complete without a mid-drift baring bralette, ripped denim, sky high wooden wedges, and fringe/Navajo accessories.

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