my daily essentials

the lovely kids over @ reached out to me earlier this month to take part in their blogger essentials campaign. think of mancrates as the birchbox for dudes. to celebrate our life’s essentials, i am sharing my daily essentials with ya!


1. its not secret that i love the 1975. music is the number 1 in my daily essentials, this album included.

2. stila bb illuminator. this is one of my top beauty products, and part of my daily routine. it leaves your skin flawlessly glowing!

3. zella live in leggings by nordstrom. i work from home on days i am not traveling. as much as i’d love living in my pjs, its just not duable! these leggings you literally can live in and still look put together.

4. i wanted desperately to avoid putting technology onto this essentials list, but i am only human. my ipad is attached to me for catching up with my blog radio, netflix, ondemand, news, reading, & recipes!

5. avaiators are an easy way to jazz up any look this summer, i live in mine!

what are your daily essentials? looking for a gift for dad, your man, your bro? check out mancrates now!


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