show this week: turbo fruits+tesla rossa+leopold & his fiction


we are in for a treat this short week, with an amazing show @ vinyl this Thursday.

three great rock talents will take the stage

Leopold and His Fiction

“Composed and redefined on and off stage, Leopold and his Fiction is a beast in all its glory when plugged into their amplifiers and fully cranked. It’s as if they, themselves, are connected directly into an electric socket. ‘The band elicits a power when it’s time to perform that is unable to be harnessed in any other medium short of a fist fight,’ says James. ‘Whether that’s on stage or in a recording studio it’s almost hard to contain it. It’s more life than I’ve ever felt before.’ “

Dropping the Needle friends, Tesla Rossa

“Remembering that rock music is about moving emotions, moving bodies and having a hell of a good time, Tesla Rossa has been secretly cooking up their own brand of indie rock n roll. Just try to keep still while listening to this four piece. I dare you. Their daring sound is vigorously laced with rousing and thought provoking lyrics that beautifully cut through rambunctious guitars, persuasive bass lines and fiery drums.”

Turbo Fruits

 This Nashville quartet are known for  their “buzzsaw guitars and pummeling, primal rhythms”.  Recognized as “one of the most visceral rock groups in America, as is evidenced on their new album Butter”.
“Recorded in eight days in Austin, Texas with Spoon’s Jim Eno at his Public Hi-Fi studio, Butter is the follow up to their 2009 Fat Possum album Echo Kid and the 2007 Ecstatic Peace debut. It’s a spastic, slab of fun-filled fury, a double-live-gonzo Athena busting out of The Flaming Groovies’ Teenage Head, thrashing its way through punk, surf, and power-pop and leaving a wake of blown minds and melted faces. Y’know, like a rock record is supposed to do.”
“Butter is the product of 200 days a year in the van, sleeping on floors, accumulating the kind of stories you would never, ever tell your grandkids. Butter is the product of two years spent cranking out singles for their own Turbo Time Records”

kick off your weekend early @ vinyl!


$8/10 day of show

no excuses!

see ya there!



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