shaky knees countdown with openears music

alright it is officially May, and we can really start counting down until atlanta’s premiere music festival, Shaky Knees, in 9 days!

the needle will be covering ALL things shaky, including style tips with the help of our bff & blogging counterpart Idlewild South

and music musings from indie connoisseurs Openears Music.

the line up is absolutely incredible this year, landing it on Consequences of Sound top ten fest live this year. the line up is so nuts that i am already having a really tough time planning my schedule with out a conflict.

never to fear, my good buddies @ OpenearsMusic are highlighting the top hitters to help in your decision.

to kick things off we start with:


spoon or gaslight anthem

piedmont stage or ponce de leon stage

both @ 8 pm

my pick: Spoon. i’ve seen gaslight anthem before, and really am looking forward to Spoon.

if you’re really conflicted Spoon is doing a late night show with Wake Owl May 10th @ Centerstage


still can’t decide? thats why we’re countin down for ya. check out both below and we will see ya Friday night @ 8!


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