what the !@$# do i wear wednesdays: st patty’s inspired



i feel like one of the first signs that spring has arrived is when you spend that weekend afternoon on a patio in green, celebrating st. patrick’s day. so naturally i cooked up a little what the !@$# do i wear weds post to give you some inspiration when planning your Guinness drinkin’ threads.

stpattys(click photo for full shopping details)

1. off the shoulder sweater, etsy, $29

(is it bad that i feel like a lot of my friends should own this? it is genius)

2. luck o’ the irish manicure set, julep, $15

(don’t waste this perfect opportunity to get into your spring color rotation with your mani/pedi)

3. bathing suit top, victoria secret, $35

(if it is warm enough why not soak up some rays with that green beer..)

4. statement necklace, j. crew, $150

(if green apparel simply is not your thing…)

5. daisy crop top, topshop, $36

(white is always a good go to with green/gold accessories, you could wear this all summer long, screaming for a Clueless moment…)

6. clover key necklace, brandy melville, $9

(perfect with any irish inspired threads)

7. scuba material skirt, forever 21, $13

(don’t take green too literally, mint counts and will carry you beyond this weekend…)

8. gold brogue, asos, $85

(this will carry you into other seasons beyond  “it’s ok to dress like a leprechaun day”)

9. white denim, current elliot via outnet, $76

(i officially mark st pattys as the day it is ok to start wearing spring white denim)

10. green heel, zara, $50

(pair this with some jeans or white for a subtle nod to the irish…)

11. gold glitter clutch, kate spade via nordstrom, $328

(as if you need a reason for a glittery gold kate spade clutch!?)

the needle will have your go to spots to sport your amazing st patty’s day duds, friday morning!

have something to go to? first date? wedding with an obnoxious color theme? hit up the blog for what the !@$# do i wear help.


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