what the !@$# do i wear wednesdays: 2014!

well now that the holiday parties are behind us, next fashion dilemma immediately on our minds, is what the !@$# do i wear for new years!? now because its NYE, doesn’t mean you have to don the usual cocktail dress. you can “dress up” the new year in a variety of ways that suit your style & the amazing evening you have planned!


(click here for shopping details!)

for a laid back, edgy look try a pencil skirt in a funky material, with an over-sized/cropped sweater. a shoe with a little bit of metallic never hurt anyone on nye. break up a tonal look with a quirky clutch.

it wouldn’t be nye without some glitter. i love this dress, the sequin pairing is a little different so go with it and pair this with a crazy shoe, but keep the clutch minimal.

want to skip the skirts & dresses? go for a understated sexy look with lingerie inspired shorts, a body suit, and an edgy ankle boot. break up the tonal look with a mirrored clutch.

don’t over think the nye look. wear what’s comfortable and fun to you!

salut to 2014!


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