what the !@$# do i wear wednesdays: reader request


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a reader/friend/former co-worker of mine sent in a reader request for what the !@$# do i wear wednesdays!

she was lucky enough to snag this amazing skirt from the Phillip Lim collection for Target and needed some advice on multiple ways to work this skirt into her wardrobe.

this piece is very versatile and can easily go from day to night/season to season with just switching out some pieces.

top options for work she could wear the classic button down, with or without a crew sweater. for casual or warmer temperatures a cute tee would take the look outside of the office.

as for shoes, she is looking to wear this to a football game, so my first thought was definitely a boot of some sort. depending on your height short and/or tall boots will look great. to edge up the look grab a black moto inspired boot, that would look great with the tee shirt. the color scheme is perfect for this season’s hues, including navy and burgundy , so a heel in one of these hues and tights is a great polished look for the office.

to cap off the look try a berry hued lip.

overall these pieces can go from season to season with just a little adjustment.

do you have a wardrobe dilemma?! send me your requests!


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