festival essentials: hangout 2013


in case you’ve been hiding out under a rock, i am heading down to Gulf Shores this weekend for yet another round of Hangout Musical festival. I am taking you all with me!

here are some of my essentials for the festival as it is different from Coachella, Bonaroo, Shaky Knees, ect because…it is on THE BEACH!


1. sunblock: any option that has a protection against sweat and water is a must. also get a spray option with a high spf.

2. sunglasses multiple pairs but cheap you will loose them!

3. blotting papers

4. fun (low maintenance) mani/pedi: i picked up these sally hansen hippy flower printed strips!

5. fun stackable bracelets to accompany your wristband.

6. lipbalm with SPF

7. pocket santizer (one word: porta potties ew!)

8. wide, beach, festival hat

9. tinted moisturizer: gives you color, sparkle, and sun protection!

10. fun (but cheap) beach towels

11. glow sticks

12. headbands (the more the better!)

13. waterproof mascara

14. pedialyte (hydrate hydrate hydrate!)

15. bright colored lip

16. water bottle or canteen (one that will easily clip to you/your clothing)

17. fun hair ties (can also stack as bracelets)

18. pocket brush with compact mirror

19. dry shampoo ( you may/may not have time to wash every day)

20. drops for h20 or an adult beverage

21. perfumed lotion

22. bandaids (check out these beach inspired ones!)


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